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Bedroom Paint Colors Philippines

Your bedroom must serve as your personal haven. This is where you go first every time you feel like the whole world is conspiring against you. For this reason, your bedroom must be a welcoming environment, perfectly designed for peace and restful sleep.

There are a lot of factors involved in creating such an inviting space you will be more than happy to go to. However, your bedroom paint colors definitely play a big role here. So, how can we help you transform your bedroom into an oasis of calmness and tranquility?

Bed Room Paint Colours  Philippines

Cool Colors


Cooler hues help you make your room a calmer and more relaxing space. Search for colors from blue-violet through the blue-green. Grays can also work really well. Take note that this spectrum offers lots of variation. Opt for cool colors which give you a sense of comfort.




Neutrals are no doubt the safest color choice for bedroom ceilings and walls in particular. Relaxing and calming, these will not vie for attention, letting your mind rest. If you are worried that neutral colors will end up too boring, you can always spice up the room with different pieces of furniture, wall art, and linens. Neutrals serve as safe background for any canvas you wish to make.




Once done right, pastels can look very soothing and grownup. The use of dark wood furniture and bright accessories can keep pastels from seeming too childish. You can think of lavenders, pinks, soft greens, and soft blues.


Effects of Specific Colors


A study revealed that rooms painted in blue are the most conducive to better sleep, with the second spot occupied by shades of yellow. The third and fourth spots are bagged by green and silver respectively. People received the lowest amount of sleep in rooms painted in gray, brown, and purple.


General Tips to Choose the Best Bedroom Paint Colors


  • Try to think big. Consider what overall effect you like. Do you want to go for a relaxed and calm, intimate and romantic, or something else? Start searching for inspiration online and in home magazines to look for rooms which give off the exact vibe you wish to achieve. Show us the photos to ensure that you get the right color.


  • Test out the color. With the use of the finish, you want to use, paint some test sections of walls and check their appearance at different times of the day.


  • Consider your surroundings. How do your furniture pieces look? Will, they go well with cool colors, or are they better with warm colors? Does your bedroom have lots of natural light or do you sorely lack sunshine? Your choices of paint can either diminish or enhance certain effects so always consider your surroundings when creating the mood.


  • Add a touch of your personality. It is your bedroom after all, so you pick what you like and love.


Whatever color you pick for your bedroom, the best way to get the most ideal results is through hiring a professional painting company which will pay attention to even the smallest details and takes great pride in the work they do. We are exactly that company so pick up that phone and choose our professional painting services!


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