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Bedroom Paint Philippines


There are a lot of bedroom paint ideas you can check out and try for your bedroom. It is the perfect time for you to unleash your creativity using various colors and give the best results and effects for your personal haven.


Know Your Theme and Style

Before you choose your bedroom paint color, first, you need to decide on the specific theme you like to reflect in the style of your bedroom painting. Do you want to show off a more formal style? Will it be something more modern or contemporary, or will you like a more rustic appeal?

The particular style that you pick is essential as this will have an impact on the shade of color you will choose. When you go for a shade that is really light, the tone of your bedroom will be a lighter one as well. Meanwhile, when you pick a color with a stronger shade and with more darkness and depth, this will inflict a serious effect on your environment.

Bedroom Paint Philippines

Decide on the Number of Colors


Many people usually stick to just a single bedroom paint color. The truth is that this will only make you restrict yourself to just one specific appeal and look. You will be able to get a much better effect when you choose different hues for every color. You can pick different shades of similar paint color or two varied contrasting colors. You can also select one color for the wall at the back of your bed than two different hues for the rest of the walls in the room. You can make things more appealing when you highlight the wall behind your bed using an interesting color.


Choose the Appropriate Bedroom Paint Colors


Bedroom paint colors come in various shades. You can opt for pink, lavender, yellow, lilac, brown, light orange, and others. When deciding on the color shades, it is a must to keep in mind that lighter shades can give the interior of your room a more open appearance. If you have a smaller room, you can make it look more spacious if you choose lighter hues. Going for a bold or dark shade will only make your room seem smaller. This choice of color is more suitable for larger bedrooms as this gives a cozier effect.


Don’t Forget Your Window Panel and Ceiling


While it is important to choose the right shade for your bedroom wall, it is equally essential to make the best option for your window panel and ceiling. This can also have an impact on the overall appeal and look of your bedroom. Ceilings painted in lighter shade appear higher but the exact opposite effect will be achieved if you choose a dark shade. Off-white or white are the common ceiling shades people use. But, you can pick something bolder when the height of your ceiling is above the usual height seen in most bedroom ceilings.

These are only a few of the bedroom paint ideas you can try and we still got so much more for you to check out. Feel free to call us today and allow our professional painting services to change your bedroom environment!


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