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We Use Boysen Paint For Our Painting Services in Metro Manila, Philippines.
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Boysen Paint Philippines

Boysen Paint Philippines


If you are out of the market and looking for a good paint brand, why not try Boysen paint in the Philippines? It is known for its wide variety of paints and other products. But, among the other paint brands, why should you settle with this? Well, before everything else, it would be best to know its history and its aim for consumers.

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Boysen Paint Philippines and Its Amazing History


Boysen was established in the year 1953 as a replacer of lacquer thinners and paint under the name Columbus. It was in 1958 when it expanded its operations and began the production of paint by introducing Nation House Paints, which are economy grade paints.

The company acquired the license for manufacturing Boysen paints in 1960 in the Philippines from Walter N. Boysen Company from Oakland, California. The access to new technology made them possible to give birth to a line of premium grade decorative coatings for industrial and architectural applications. Through the dedication and foresight of its founders and pioneer employees, the Pacific Paint captured the lion’s share of the premium quality paint market in the mid-1970s in the Philippines, which outsell every leading US brand paint that operated production facilities in Manila.

Boysen has proven itself as one of the industry leaders in innovating products with the constant development of new paint products that will suit particular market needs, particularly in eco-friendly paints. Through constant innovation and progress, Pacific Paint elevated the confidence level bestowed by their customers.

Pacific Paint commissioned an integrated quality manufacturing facility outside Manila, which is the most modern and biggest paint production facility in the country that places the company at a good position to service customers with consistent product quality and reliable supply of Boysen paints. To serve their customers better, they install a new department to provide help to consumers with inquiries about the products and specifications or instructions on proper surface preparation as well as painting techniques.

In its more than 5 decades of prominence in the industry of building materials in the Philippines, Boysen paints have earned milestones for providing topnotch quality paint as well as innovative products. These are also the first Filipino paint manufacturer to receive a privilege to use a logo for responsible care. The company is also one of the top paint manufacturing companies in the world. That is why it takes pride in providing the best paints that consumers could ask for.


Why Use Boysen Paint in the Philippines?


Boysen Paint CalculatorThere are many reasons why you must pick Boysen paints for your needs. No matter what painting project you are aiming to complete, these paints can be your best partner to create something that looks and functions better compared to some paint brands out there. So, if you haven’t chosen a paint brand yet, Boysen should be your choice.

Boysen paint in the Philippines is known for a reason. If you need professional painting services with the use of these paints, just give us a call today and we’ll assist you with your needs without professional advice!

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For more expert Paint Brands in the Philippines, check our expert today and experience the difference!

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    Disclaimer: All trademarks, logos & brands appearing on this web page belong to their respective owners and we do not claim any interest in them. They are merely as examples of the products that we use for customers who engage our services.