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Bungalow Painting the Philippines


A bungalow house provides a practical and simple dwelling that exudes of rustic charm and unique architectural details that date from a late 19th century and early 20th century.

Bungalow Paint Philippines

While the home’s exterior style is the one usually related to a bungalow, the home’s interior has a quintessential design as well which makes it different from other types of homes If you like the interior of your bungalow to have a more traditional look, bungalow painting is the best place to start. The use of the right colors, techniques, and finishes is the secret to capture the classic bungalow style.


Go for Natural Shades


The conventional bungalow interiors focus on earth tones. Make sure you pick nature-inspired shades to give your house an earthy and warm look. The hues must be muted, however, for the design to stay natural. This doesn’t mean you are stuck with grays and white. The truth is, a conventional bungalow interior must feature saturated colors on the walls, not only beige and white.

Stay away from artificial and bold shades. Go for subdued ochre shade instead of sunny and bright yellows. When you want to spice up your dining room with red walls, avoid bold crimson and opt for soft brick paint.

As for green paint, choose olive tones. Orange can also be used but this must not be tangerine, instead, choose a muted terracotta color. If you are a big blue fanatic, paint the interior with blue-gray shade to achieve a traditional look for your bungalow.


Use Flat Finish


To get an authentic appeal, use the suitable paint finish for the interior of your bungalow. For ceiling and walls, go for flat or matte finish paint. The high gloss paints are not suitable for this style although you can use semi-gloss paints in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom since scrubbing them clean is easier than the flat-finish paint. Satin or semi-gloss paint can also help your molding and woodwork stand out.


Add Decorative Elements


There are decorative painting methods to help give a traditional look to your bungalow interior. Ragging, sponging, stippling, and dragging are great techniques if you like your walls to have a more textured look.

Traditional bungalow interiors can have a mural as well although this style often requires abstract landscapes and not realistic designs. Murals can work well in dining rooms above the plate rail. However, you can paint one in the bedroom, living room, or entryway as well.

If you don’t have an artistic streak, stenciling is another easy method of decorative painting which suits bungalow style. Stenciled borders, in particular, provide a traditional appeal. Choose stencils featuring intricate abstract designs when you like to have an authentic design.


Go Light on Your Woodwork


In traditional bungalow interiors, woodwork, trim, and moldings are usually left with the natural finish or even stained to improve the wood’s coloring. But, if you like a brighter look, you can paint the trim and woodwork. Use a shade which contrasts the color of the wall to help draw attention to extraordinary architectural details featured in the interior of your bungalow. But, stick with neutral shades for the look to stay simple.

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