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Ceiling Paint Philippines


Gone are those days when you have no choice but to settle for the usual flat and sometimes rather boring white ceiling. These days, more and more homeowners are starting to realize that the color of their ceiling paint can add more interest. This is why it is something they have to consider when looking for the best paint colors to suit their space. But, it can be quite tricky to paint your ceilings anything else aside from white.

To make things easier for you, here are some useful tips that you can use when looking for the perfect shade for your ceilings:


Ceiling Paint Philippines


To make things easier for you, here are some useful tips that you can use when looking for the perfect shade for your ceilings:


  • Consider cooler or lighter colors if you have lower ceilings. When your ceilings measure 8 feet, there is a chance that your space already feels a bit cramped, with the ceiling feeling really low. A warmer or darker shade will just accentuate such a low ceiling, making your space feel like a cave. You have to consider ceiling paint colors which are lighter such as creams and off whites.


  • Cooler paint colors can help raise your ceiling, giving the illusion that it is moving away from you. you can pick a much cooler off white with green or blue undertones.


  • Consider a ceiling paint color that is one to two shades lighter compared to the color of your walls. It is especially when you’ve got crown molding. A crown molding in semi-gloss bright white color will pop better when your ceiling has been painted with a bit lighter shade than your wall color.


  • When you have rather high ceilings, just like in most two-story family rooms as well as entryways common right now, you can consider ceiling paint colors that are darker and warmer. It can help in slightly bringing the ceiling in and can also make your space feel less cold and stark. For example, a dark chocolate color on a two-story ceiling can have a wonderful effect on any room.


  • In the case of vaulted ceilings, you can consider to bring the paint color up to your side ceilings and paint the top ceiling with a lighter or darker shade of the color of the wall. Once again, it will put more emphasis on the architectural detail and at the same time, avoid the appearance of uneven paint lines.


  • Make sure that you always paint under and around low vaulted ceilings and soffits using the same hues as your walls. If these get painted with the color of the ceiling, white or something else, it can cause an eye break. Painting these spots the similar color as your walls are going to result to flow and continuity which is basically the essence of good paint color schemes.


It is a must that you always consider the color of your ceiling paint when deciding on your home’s color scheme. This is the best way to guarantee that you will be getting an ideal color scheme which is congruent with your own unique style and personality as well as your home’s overall architecture.

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