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We Use Davies Paint For Our Painting Services In Metro Manila, Philippines.
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Davies Paint Philippines

Davies Paint Philippines

Davies paint in the Philippines is one of the leading and premium paint brands in the market today. Its manufacturer started operating in the year 1982 under a name called Charter Chemical and Coating Corp, which set up its first plant and offices in Metro Manila.

For several decades, the company produced lots of pioneering and innovative products including BIOFRESH, which is the first local anti-bacterial and odorless paint. Clean Air is the first anti-formaldehyde while the first water-based enamel paint that dries quickly is Aqua Gloss-It.

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Why Davies Paint in the Philippines?


Davies paints are also acknowledged for having the most number of colors shown in their color selection. These paints are exported to Asia Pacific region. Today, these paints are one of the best paint brands in the Philippines and highly recommended by consumers, painting contractors, engineers, designers, and architects for the excellent quality of the products and for their functional and decorative properties.

The company of Davies paints is a dynamic supplier and manufacturer of paints, coatings, and chemicals. Their innovation enabled them to meet the demands of not just the local market, but also the global market. Customers consider Davies paints for the reason that they offer them excellent sales service and quality products. The team members behind the company are eager and proud to work because they give them opportunities for personal and career development.


The Core Values of Davies Paints


  • Value – They provide their efficient team members with a positive working environment as well as opportunities for their personal or career growth.


  • Innovation – They aim to invest in color innovation and new technologies to produce some quality products that are still at par with the standards worldwide while striking a balance between excellent performance and environmental needs in function and quality.


  • Relationship – The company recognizes that making great products involves understanding the requirements of their consumers. They put the concerns of the daily individual at the forefront to develop their paints to make products that deliver good satisfaction. A lot of customers choose Davies to paint in the Philippines as it offers quality products and great results. The company also value the trust invested in them and strive to do their best to give back to the society and community through their development system and practices.


  • Sustainability – Preserving and protecting the environment is the core belief of the company. They are committed to making and implementing innovative ways to reduce energy consumption, prevent pollution, and minimize waste disposal costs from the development of products to manufacturing the processes throughout their daily work. Their goal is to make new technology and some innovations that will balance eco-friendliness with top performance in function and quality. They have achieved 2 coveted international standards in environmental performance and quality that recognize their clear focus on the sustainable practices and a majority of their products are LEED compliant.


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    Disclaimer: All trademarks, logos & brands appearing on this web page belong to their respective owners and we do not claim any interest in them. They are merely as examples of the products that we use for customers who engage our services.