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We Use Epoxy Paint for Floor Painting Services In Metro Manila, Philippines.
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Epoxy Paint Philippines

Epoxy paint Philippines is one of the many kinds of paint. Epoxy may be applied to both outdoor and indoor surfaces, yet it’s commonly used as a practical indoor floor covering surface. If dry, epoxy paint will become hard and durable surface, which makes it an ideal choice for any flooring covering. 

Epoxy Paint Philippines

Slip Resistant


Many epoxy paints are slip resistant even when oily or wet. Using water-based, 2-part acrylic epoxy system, this paint can provide a slip-resistant and safe surface. Once the area has heavy traffic, you might want to consider a non-slip epoxy coating that offers the textured surface for an extra protection level. The extra textured surface is used commonly for machine shops, marinas, ramps, and platforms.


Impact Resistant


Epoxy paint is impact resistant and very strong. It means that it will not split, crack or fracture if the items are driven or dropped over the surface. Because of this strength, epoxy paint is used commonly in warehouses, auto repair shops, and garages.


Water Resistant


Once dry, epoxy paint offers a seal that protects concrete from underlying groundwater and from any liquid or water that gets spilled on the ground. In addition to that, epoxy paint is resistant to some chemical spills. Chemicals won’t soak into the paint, which makes it easy to clean.


Fire Resistant


Majority of epoxy paints are resistant to fire or flame retardant. They can withstand heat effectively. To make sure that the epoxy paint you’re using is fire resistant, check the label of the product. Because of fire resistance of the epoxy paints, it’s used commonly in fire escapes, explosive production, commercial airline products, and storage areas.


Why is Epoxy Paint Philippines a Good Choice?


More and more individuals are considering epoxy paint to make their homes or offices look more beautiful aesthetically. Rather than thinking of replacing your old concrete floor, a lot of people choose epoxy paints instead to make their properties function and look better than they were before. There are also numerous benefits you can enjoy using this kind of paint. That is why many people highly recommend it to others who are looking for a paint that would give them the best value.

Epoxy paint is cost-effective. Rather than tearing up a floor and start from scratch or put down flooring that won’t last or look great for very long, epoxy paint is a cheaper and simple way to go. As a matter of fact, it is smarter than some other options available in the market. It isn’t expensive as most people think and would outlast some floor coatings.

So, if you have decided to go with epoxy paint Philippines and you need some help, contact us to get professional painting services at a reasonable rate!


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