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Exterior House Paint Philippines

The fastest and easiest way to spruce up your home is by adding a splash of new exterior house paint colors. Even though you are free to pick any hues for your relatively private home interior, anyone and everyone can see the exterior of your house so you also need to consider the public component of the colors you choose.

Check out the following useful tips architects and designers use to choose the ideal color schemes for your home’s exterior.

Exterior House Paint Philippines

Study and Look Around Your Neighborhood


Start by observing the color schemes used in the houses in your community and take note of those that got your attention. If your house shares the same style, a variation of your preferred color schemes can look nice and blend well with your neighborhood.


Follow the Direction of Sunlight


Full sunlight can intensify colors, thus, you have to note which parts of your house is getting the highest amount of sunlight at specific times of the day. In case the front part of your house is in full sun during the second half of a day, you can opt for more subtle hues to deter a garish effect. On the other hand, a house primarily in the soft shade because of trees can be highlighted with more saturated hues to achieve a more striking effect.


Experiment with Accents


Houses often have a lot of tinier details such as fascia, porch columns, and shutters wherein you can be a bit more adventurous with colors. For instance, opt for a neutral color for the home’s body and use a single bold hue for highlighting your front door. Remember you have flowers, flower pots, mailboxes, and home address plates that you can use for pops of other bright colors.


Embrace Contrast


Tone variations highlight your home’s architectural details so you will need both light and dark colors to achieve visual interest.


Test Colors on Your Home


That color you see in the store’s paint chip is going to get darker and much more intense under full sunlight across a large swath of your exterior. Create big boards with paint colors you are considering to move these about your exterior. You can also directly paint samples on several areas of your home. You would want to observe the colors at various times of the day under varied lighting conditions to guarantee that you will live comfortably with these hues.


Harmonize with Materials


For houses with a brick or stone façade, opt for trim colors which can work with natural textures and shades. For example, a house in dark red brick can benefit from contrasting cream trim that has safe green accents as complimentary hue to red.

Just like the interior, the exterior of your house definitely deserves design and some pampering. Opting for the best options is easy when you work with a company that offers professional painting services. Call us today and let us help you make the right choice!


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