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There is always something magical and amazing when you get the chance to pick the colors for your home, whether it is just a complete repainting or it is for a newly constructed house. Any painting project offers lots of rooms for creativity and imagination. But, with the all the color options available, how will you even choose the right one for your home?

Follow our simple tips on how to choose the best house paint colors in the Philippines that will give your home a major facelift.

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Start with Connected Spaces


The first and most important choice of color you make is selecting the wall color for connected areas. These will include foyers and hallways, as well as spaces sharing a wall or are easily seen from another room. In open-concept homes, it means the kitchen and the dining room, or the hallway and the living room.

Many people opt for a light neutral color for these places because this will match with the majority of colors and creates an airy and open feeling. Neutrals include gray, tan, white, and mid shades of blue, green, and yellow.


Pick the Accents and Trim


There are great reasons to choose semi-gloss white as the trim color and while it is an almost universal choice, this is neither cliché or tired. But, black is now making a quite bold entry in the scene of interior trims. Silver gray is another growing trend as well. The best area to be bolder and showcase your individuality is through accent walls. You can settle for one wall to paint a contrasting and bright color even in spaces open to the rest of the rooms. It gives a room more energy and focus, a splash of color used for coordinating the rest of the details in it.


Choose Colors for Your Self-Contained Rooms


If a room is obviously separated from the rest of the spaces, your options for house paint colors need not depend on the colors of other parts of the house. You just have to be extra careful about not creating a dramatically jarring change but you got all the rights to be more unique here.

Bathrooms and bedrooms are often self-contained areas. There are times when a den or formal dining room would quality as well. Again, start with your preferred main wall color, and think of the accent wall. One more option is installing a chair rail and having different colors below and above the molding.

In self-contained rooms, it is not important to go for neutral colors. Decide on what mood you like to set and pick the suitable colors. For instance, do you like a creative space or a tranquil oasis? Or would you like a place with a cheery energy?

Even when the whole process of choosing house paint colors has been spelled out for you, it can still be a bit overwhelming to make a selection. As your professional painting company in the country, we will help you evaluate all your options and provide you tips on how different combinations will look in your house. We are here to help you make the right choice. Call us today for professional painting services!


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