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Kitchen Paint Colors Philippines


Traditional planning of kitchen paint colors states that warm neutrals, bright colors, and earthy hues make both the diners and the cook feel more at ease and comfortable. Such colors can serve a lot of purposes as they reflect light, coordinate cabinets, provide cheer, and are more attractive to the eyes of buyers in case you decide to sell your house in the future.


kitchen paint colors Philippines


Rules in Kitchen Paint Colors


Rules in good kitchen design usually dictate that cold neutrals, very dark hues, and the rest of the cold colors such as greens, blues, violets, purples, and others that belong to the same families don’t promote hunger at all. This is why they generally don’t work that well when used in kitchens.

Having said this, your kitchen paint colors must ultimately adhere to personal tastes. Conventionally, black is a poor choice of color for kitchens. However, black can work well once paired with sharply contrasting white of pendant lights and breakfast bar and an island’s stainless steel.


Warm Neutrals


With adequate tint or shade, any hue can turn into a neutral one. It only takes a matter of the specific type of material you choose. In case you are nervous that you will make the wrong choice for your kitchen paint colors, it is almost impossible to go wrong with the mid-range neutrals.

Neutrals are often considered boring but they don’t need to stay that way. You can easily warm up neutrals by adding a touch of orange, yellow, or red. You can even cool them down with violet, green, or blue.


Rich Browns


Brown is regarded as earthy, evocative of earth and farm, the exact place where the food you prepare comes from. For people who appreciate neutral-averse, brown has become the latest neutral because it is safe.




Even though not everyone will like red as their choice when it comes to kitchen paint colors, this is something you can consider when you like to add a touch of spice and spark. In kitchens with lots of dark hues, red can cut through that gloom. In kitchens filled with appliances in fog-gray stainless steel, red provides a much welcomed focal point for your eyes.




It is very rare for blues to make it to the list of kitchen paint colors. By tradition, this has been regarded as a downer color that is not conducive for appetite stimulation. After all, can you name a lot of foods with naturally blue color? But, if there is one thing about blue kitchens, it is the fact that they boast an instant vintage appeal. When used with the right tone and in limited amounts, blue gives small kitchens a cottage-y and retro sweet appeal.


Toned-Down Yellows


A lot of designers and homeowners are at a consensus that light yellow is the winner when it comes to kitchen paint colors. It is distinctive enough to complement many kinds of wood species for kitchen cabinets and friendly enough not to raise eyebrows.

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