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Living Room Paint Colors Philippines


Your living room is probably the sole room in your home where anything goes. Since this area serves different purposes, you don’t have to choose living paint colors specifically to stimulate appetite or make you feel more relaxed even though you can if you like.


Living Room Paint Colors Philippines


One fool-proof way for decorating your living room is using neutrals for wall color and pieces of furniture and creating pops of vibrant hues with accessories, art pieces, or an accent wall. It is the most versatile choice when you decorate this kind of space. You can change out your accessories easily or update the look by tweaking the accent wall’s color. Neutral living room paint colors such as tan, gray, and beige also allow some architectural details to take the center stage.

The color schemes in your living room can also use more exciting hues. When you opt for neutral furnishings, you get the chance to use bold colors on ceiling and walls.

Consider the room’s lighting before you make your final decision. When space gets a lot of natural light from windows or a glass door, it is perfectly acceptable to go for cool shades. In spaces that are darker and more closed off, greens, purples, and blues can make your living area feel cold.

You can try to get some ideas from decorating magazines and online galleries. The type of your existing furniture pieces can also affect the colors you select.

We give you some other general guidelines to help you choose the right living room paint colors:


  • If you have plenty of mission-style pieces of furniture, you can try to create a lodge feel using navy, maroon, or hunter green combined with dashes of tan and black. Rustic furniture can also go well with such colors.


  • To achieve a country appeal, mix painted and distressed furnishings with shades of blue, dusty reds, or yellow.


  • Navy and white create a pleasing nautical feel while mixing sandy shades and white with a paler blue shade can evoke a beach-inspired theme.


  • Black, chrome, and glass furniture go well with bright and clear colors and gray. This kind of décor creates a minimalist and clean appeal which has gotten very in demand for the past few years.


  • Elaborate Victorian pieces of furniture are offset wonderfully by restrained hues such as dusty blues, subdued golds, and faded reds. These shades are specifically well suited to formal and classic interiors.


  • A natural and earthy look is the common theme these days. Choose terra cottas, golds, as well as other tones, as well greens, like shades of olives, are more appealing in tiny doses.


At the end of the day, what matters most is to choose living room paint colors which will reflect your own unique tastes. Since you and your whole family and friends are going to spend more time in this part of the house, the general rule here is to pick a color scheme which can give you the highest level of happiness, relaxation, and comfort.

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