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Odourless Paint Philippines

More often than not, when embarking on home repaint jobs or redecoration, paint odors aren’t your main concern. But, what you should know is that they can be an unpleasant after-effect and could be harmful to one’s health.

Unpleasant smell that people usually associate with fresh paints comes from VOC or volatile organic compound. These organic chemical compounds that are found in high concentrations in traditional paints, solvents, and protective coatings.

Odourless Paint Philippines

Paints with big amounts of VOCs were proven to cause particular side effects. Therefore, it is important to consider this aspect before you embark on repaint projects that might leave you unable to enter your home without experiencing headaches. An option in such cases and one more available these days because of rapidly-advancing technology is going for the odorless paints, the products that have low VOCs and have the benefit of being water-based instead of petroleum-based.

You’ll need to manage your expectations a bit. Odorless paints are no means stink-free completely, even if its lack of solvents or ammonia would make it much easier on the nose compared to the traditional paints. But, odorless paint would smell differently. It is a non-lingering, sweeter smell that has an added benefit of being eliminated easily with the use of a good ventilation. Odorless paint Philippines is ideal for painting walls inside your home.

There are some kinds of odorless paints. The most common ones include limestone-based, milk-based, and clay-based paints. Limestone-based paints or lime wash can be used for exterior walls. Odorless paints have a lot of benefits. Its low concentration of VOCs makes it a good choice for kid’s rooms and nurseries and for the rooms that are used by those who have asthma and sensitive to the chemical agents that might irritate one’s upper respiratory tract.

Aside from being less chemically harmful than the traditional paints, odorless paints are perfect for the ones who want to paint their walls in earth or natural tones. They are eco-friendly and less harmful to the ozone layer of the Earth.


Why is Odourless Paint in the Philippines the Best?


Whenever you walk into a place that is newly painted, you might experience the unpleasant smell and could give you side effects like a headache. Thanks to the technology, odorless paints have become more popular in for the past several years and this provides the human healthier living environment. Since traditional paints are harmful to one’s health, it could be a great option to consider for odorless paints that have low VOCs. Below are some of the best benefits of considering odorless paints compared to the traditional paints you use:


  • Improved quality of indoor air
  • No or very low odor after or during application
  • Easy to clean. You only need to use warm water and soap.
  • Minimizes contaminants that cause ozone depletion.
  • Reduced toxins and offer a better living environment for everybody, particularly the ones with allergies.


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