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Painting Ideas Philippines


Painting remains to be one of the least expensive ways to revamp your space and give it a whole new and fresh look. If the time has come that you feel like changing the overall appeal of your home, It is best to start looking for some good painting ideas. Doing so will let you add a new sense of style to your rooms and give them more personality than ever before.


Painting Ideas Philippines


Since painting your walls will generally take several hours, working with a reliable painting company like us can ensure that the project will be finished at the soonest time possible. We know all too well that you are busy with your schedule, and painting your home cannot easily fit into your day-to-day activities. This is why our team is here to take the burden off your shoulders.

To help you enjoy a faster and easier house painting project, here are some useful tips you can keep in mind:


Choose Quality Paint for Your Painting Project


This is where the old adage that you will get exactly what you paid for comes in handy. This means that buying a cheaper type of paint might mean that you will also be getting a lower-quality one. Good thing that we are proud to carry some of the best and most trusted brands in the country available at the most reasonable costs. It gives you an assurance that you will still be getting the most amazing results you deserve and expect at the most reasonable price.


Prep the Working Surface


Don’t forget to protect your window sills, wood trims, floors, carpets, and furniture in every possible way. You can have your furniture pieces and carpets removed from the spot that will be painted. Or if moving them is impossible, you can just cover them using thick plastic materials. This way, the cleanup process after the painting job will be easier for you.


Start from the Ceiling


We highly recommend that you start with your ceiling. This way, there will be no drops of paint falling and ruining the freshly done painting on the walls and floors.


Use a Power Roller


It is a device that can help your roller get the paint directly from the container and apply it on your walls with no need for paint trays. This helps finish the painting job faster.


Go for Crisscross Moves


The first strokes should be done in crisscross before going back inside and moving up and down. It can ensure that you will achieve an even coverage and lesser paint dripping.


Use a Paintbrush for Corners and Edges


You cannot paint these parts using a power roller so a paintbrush can come in handy to reach those narrow spots of edges and corners.


Watch Out for Mess


Before you remove the tapes covering the door frames and window sills, see to it that the paint has already dried up. Make sure that you also clean the brushes right away and never let them dry out with the paint on them.

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