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Toilet Paint Philippines

Is your bathroom starting to look uninviting and worn out? Instead of going for a complete redecoration of your entire restroom, why not consider painting that toilet bowl? Whatever color you pick, a fresh coat of toilet paint is a fabulous way to give your bathroom its much-needed update. Just read in this guide and follow the simple steps.

Toilet Painting Philippines

Choose Your Toilet Paint Color and Design


As far as painting your toilet bowl is concerned, you must consider every possibility available before you settle on a specific color and design. You can try to paint a piece of white poster board using your color and design then place it next to your toilet bowl to see and know if it suits your taste.


Clean the Toilet Bowl


Before you start, make sure you wear long sleeves, gloves, and other necessary safety gear if you will use harsh cleaning solutions such as trisodium phosphate. Using TSP or trisodium phosphate cleanser and a coarse toilet brush, scrub your toilet bowl properly to get rid of grime and dirt. Once you finished scrubbing, rinse the bowl thoroughly with wet rags. Allow the bowl to dry for about one to two hours. Also, don’t forget to clean the toilet bowl brush properly once you are done using it.


Turn Off the Water


Now, it is time to turn off the water supply to your toilet. Gather all of your supplies then go to the next step.


Sand Your Toilet


Once your toilet has dried out, use 120-grit sandpaper for sanding down your toilet bowl. You can scour the bowl’s surface until this feels gritty. When you skip this particular step, there is no way for the paint and primer to stick to your toilet.


Apply Primer


Another word of warning: when you use paint or primer, follow all the safety precautions indicated on the products. Make sure you only use these in well-ventilated areas. Coat your toilet bowl using a latex acrylic spray primer. Remember to hold this spray around 8 inches away from the toilet bowl. Allow the primer to dry for a couple of hours. Don’t prime or paint inside your bowl or you will plug those holes where water comes out.


Paint the Toilet


Once the primer turns completely dry, you can now spray the toilet bowl with an appliance epoxy spray paint in the similar way that you sprayed your primer. Avoid painting over a toilet bowl that is not primed yet or else, the paint is going to peel off. Once you have finished coating the toilet bowl, you have to wait for a minimum of six hours before you turn back the water on and use it again.

To give a complete update to your restroom, you can also add several stylish accessories in your bathrooms such as toothbrush holders and towel rings.

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