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Wall Paint Colors Philippines


Color is such a powerful tool. It directs traffic, accentuates architecture details, and creates flow in homes. But, how do you really choose the right wall paint colors?


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Check the Color Wheel


You probably used this tool during your art class in high school. The color wheel shows all colors of the spectrum that are arranged in the circle and highlights their relationships. You might find yourself attracted to one part of the color such as cool greens or blues or another side of warm oranges and reds. Blues offer relaxation and tranquility. Rich earth tones and res are colors for social gathering. Pick based on how you plan to use the particular room and what mood you like to create.


Know the Trends


There are perennial combinations that never lose their attractiveness and charm such as crisp white and blue kitchens or bedrooms painted in calming green. But, there are new ideas that are also equally exciting. For instance, the now strong movement toward eco-friendly and natural materials put the spotlight on greens, browns, whites, and granite tones.

Whether you want to go bold or neutral on your wall paint colors, try to accent with metallic paints on lighting, plumbing, accessories, and furniture. Pearl, copper, bronze, gold, and silver add elegance without getting too heavy. During daytime, these colors look neutral, and at night, they give off a more welcoming glow.

In case you wish to make a solid statement, the strong color palettes inspired by Latin, Indian, and Russian design are trendy these days. Combine them with neutrals or traditional colors to achieve a contemporary look.

Saturated colors inspired by technology such as apple red, royal blue, tangerine, sunshine yellow, and lime green radiate energy and give the room a sense of richness.


Be Guided by Color Relationships but Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment


The complementary colors are the ones lying opposite one another on the color wheel. It means they are visually balanced but this high contrast can give more drama than what you might like in a room. Opposite colors do work well, though. For instance, violet pairs beautifully with sage green. Combinations can sometimes be more interesting if the colors are not directly opposite each other.


Achieve a Sophisticated Effect with Tone on Tone


Monochromatic color combinations use shades of one color to achieve an elegant and serene effect. The secret for this approach to be successful since it is very subtle is adding texture and using different pattern scales in your chosen materials.


Never Hold Back


If you want to inject personality into a humdrum room, feel free to slather on expressive and big wall paint colors. You can mix bold wall colors with neutral furnishings for an equally bold statement with no need to cause a headache.

Wall paint colors are no doubt the shortest and easiest route for a more dramatic setting. Contact us today and let our professional painting services change your walls for the better!


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