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Warehouse Floor Paint In Philippines

Warehouse yards and floors should withstand heavy traffic from the forklift trucks, trolleys, and some vehicles. The use of AVGS or automated guided vehicle systems add to the challenge through tracking the same route again and again, wearing away the same floor area time after time. Nylon-wheeled equipment and trolleys are damaging and there are times that transferring heavy loads through their hard narrow wheels can also be damaging.

Floor Paint Philippines

Normal sand or cement screeded or bare concrete floors won’t stand up to this kind of traffic and will start to wear down into bowls and grooves. Uneven floors can be a big problem for the forklift trucks, particularly very narrow and high reach trucks. These can damage trucks and destabilize these, which can result from too expensive bills and safety and health concerns.

Screeded and concrete floors can be protected through applying something that could be referred generically as floor paint, warehouse floor paint, and concrete floor paint. Such terms refer to different kinds of sealers, coatings, paints, and screeds, which give various protection levels in several situations.

A basic 1-part resin floor coating is the closest match to floor paint. This kind of coating is one-component, which means that it can be used straight out of the tin in the same way to conventional wall paint. It is the cheapest end of the scale for the industrial floor coatings, yet these are applied in light duty areas. The basic floor paint is ideal for light traffic as well as occasional forklift trucks, MEWPS, scissor lifts, and so on.


High Build Coatings


These are perfect for warehouse floor finish. On the surface, these could look like any warehouse floor paint, yet as the name of high build suggests, it’s thicker than the standard coating or paint. These are also more resistant to abrasion, chemicals like oil and diesel, and much durable. These provide tough, non-dusting, and hard-wearing floor finish, and easy to maintain and clean.

While a lot of basic floor finishes could be cheaper, the performance of high build coatings is long-lasting, which make them very cost-effective warehouse floor finish once the maintenance costs are factored in. They may also resist light to heavy trafficking depending on the particular product as well as thickness applied.


Warehouse Floor Paint Philippines – Color Matched Floor Movement Joints


Majority of warehouse floors are made up of some concrete slabs with various narrow gaps in between. The gaps help movement, both contraction, and expansion of the slabs that are relative to each other, yet referred to as the expansion joints. When screening, coating, and painting a warehouse floor, it’s essential not to paint over such joints. Once they were painted, you’re likely to see cracking appear in the floor done along the path of the joint that caused by the ongoing movement. It’s best to protect floor joints with boards during applying new floor finish, then apply color-match resin joint sealant.

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